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Independence: A dignity for all Jordanians……

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Jordanians are proud of their glorious independence which constituted a turning point towards building a modern Jordan by the hands of its great people and the Hashemite leadership topped by His Majesty King Abdullah II.

Under the flag of independence, and in spite of all the difficult conditions Jordan came through, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan achieved progress and development, and is considered a role model in the Middle East; therefore, we must maintain these achievements and boost independence through building institutions, respecting the law, preserving state’s assets and creating an encouraging business climate to be more attractive for foreign investments.

Independence means maximizing the principle of Public-Private sectors partnership in terms of making economic policies and drawing development visions, in order to serve our country and the sustainable development on one hand, and to recognize the great role the private sector played in development, during the past decades,in cooperation with the public sector and through the directions of His Majesty on the other hand.

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