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Relief Gaza “Hashim”……
Ladies and Gentlemen,

As Salamu Alaykum,
Since the Israeli brutal aggression on Gaza “Hashim”, and the killing of innocent children, women and elderly, Amman Chamber of Commerce, out of its national and humanitarian duty, has supported our strong brothers in Gaza Strip by every possible mean to back their brave resistance and strength in defending the dignity and pride of our nation in the face of a brutal, anything but human occupier.

And since the outset of the “inhuman” aggression, the Chamber has unleashed its fullest potentials to meet the needs of our brave brothers in Gaza Strip, in an attempt to alleviate their suffering and support their resistance, in addition to exerting efforts, together with local authorities, to provide support and assistance as much as possible.

Therefore, Amman Chamber of Commerce board of directors has decided to donate JD 50 000 to people of Gaza “Hashim” as a humanitarian aid to mitigate the tragedy they live in by the inhuman occupier. Plus, ACC has opened a relief fund in its headquarter to receive financial and in-kind donations, and provide every possible assistance to relief Gaza and back our brother’s resistance in the face of the Israeli killing and destruction machines.

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