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“The Ten-year plan”… Where the future begins …
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Jordanians are proud of their wise leadership characterized by a modern vision to build a better future for generations based on addressing imbalances hindering the national economy, out of the Royal keenness on improving and upgrading people's standards of living, creating jobs and attracting investments in collaboration with the private sector; the main partner in the development process.

"The problem of Jordan is mainly economic," This how His Majesty King Abdullah II visualize what challenges the country suffers from, hence came the directives of His Majesty to the Prime Minister, during April, to develop a clear economic vision for the kingdom during the coming decade 2025, in which all levels of society participate.

However, preparing a development plan for the next ten-year represents in itself a road map for the Jordanian economy, after diagnosing imbalances, challenges and obstacles and developing economic work strategies collectively among the various Jordanian public and private institutions to finalize an economic plan for the coming years on the basis of a true and active public-private sectors partnership.

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